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Inject 0.7.0 Released

26 June 2014 • By: Jakob Heuser

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Inject 0.7.0 is a continuation of our project simplification, and comes with significant changes around the configuration APIs.

Backwards Compatibility Concerns

The following API methods were removed or replaced:

New Features

  • Create Context: If you need a second copy of Inject, you can call Inject.createContext(). This will return a new Inject instance that can have its own module root, own rules, and own AMD settings. Details on this API can be found at the Inject.createContext API page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where define() might pick up an array immediately following the opening factory function
  • Improved stacktrace-js integration
  • Cleaned up iframe code which was not getting an absolute position
  • Can now call define() without a base URL set via Inject.setModuleRoot

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