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Accouncing Inject 0.4.2

08 April 2013 • By: Matt Powell

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0.4.2 is a library upgrade and bug fix release. This release improves stability, performance, and security. It also includes updates to the build system and testing infrastructure.

New Features

  • No new features

Dev Changes

  • Inject was converted to Grunt.js for build tasks. The new system doesn’t rely on a custom makefile or tasks anymore. The build-from-source how-to was updated with the latest instructions.
  • The AMD JS Tests are now converted to a system similar to the CommonJS compliance tests. This reduces total test execution time, and allows all tests to be ran in a single framework.
  • Travis-CI runs are more stable as a result of the conversion to Grunt and the new AMD tests.

Tickets From This Release

  • #240 Bug fix for undefined/null return value of Executor.getCurrentExecutingAMD
  • #245 undefined/null return value of Executor.getCurrentExecutingAMD
  • #239 Convert AMDJS Unit Tests to New Format
  • #219 Travis CI Failing in Master for Unknown Reason
  • #218 Upgrade Link.JS to Latest Version
  • #216 Issues parsing coffee-script.js and xregexp-all.js
  • #203 easyXDM Upgrade
  • #158 Upgrade Class.js to Fiber.js

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