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Announcing Inject 0.5.1

28 October 2013 • By: Akshay Madhani

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0.5.1 is a library upgrade and bug fix release. We added a lightweight library for stacktrace support, which fixed the buggy error management that was causing issues for people trying to identify problems in included code. This release improves stability and performance.

New Features

  • No new features

Dev Changes

  • Replaced inbuilt error handling with Stacktrace.js. Inject now throws the correct messages and line numbers when there are errors in the modules
  • Renamed file userConfig.js, which stores states/settings for cross-domain dependencies, to relayConfig.js to avoid confusion with the constant userConfig
  • Removed explicit relay.html file, which works to manage cross-domain dependencies, because it is generated by grunt when run
  • Upggraded testing library qUnit from 1.3 to 1.12

Tickets From This Release

  • #273 Remote LocalStorage Cleanup
  • #272 TraceKit for Improved Error Reporting, Upgraded QUnit
  • #271 Issue #258: Improved Stack Tracing for Errors; qUnit Update
  • #263 Remote localStorage Cleanup
  • #258 Further Improve Stack Tracing for Errors

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